Pricing Formula Worksheet

Pricing Formula Worksheet

Are you an Event Planner/Designer that feels like you're struggling with how to price your services to make PROFIT?

Are you tired of feeling like you're booked, busy, but not seeing any profit?

We've got the pricing solution for you! The use of this worksheet is Intended for professional event planners/decorators only! Set your own personal RENTAL RATE for each item, or add more columns and items To better suit your personal business needs and more specific to your demographic!

The spreadsheet does most of the calculating for you!! Start pricing for profit TODAY!


🚨This is a blank formulated spreadsheet for you to insert your own rental price for the items listed. Once you determine what you want to charge per item, and enter the quantities and the worksheet calculates the total for you. It requires for you to do some homework and determine the best pricing for your region as costs for rental Items are different in each area.

The sheet is for you to customize and tailor to your business and region needs. 🚨 
No refunds.

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    This file is copywritten by THE PARTY GIRL LLC for educational purposes only and is not intended for resale.

  • How to enter figures

    Pricing Breakdown for 30 guests.

    At 6 guests per table, you know you would need 5 tableclothes when calculating an estimate for your potential client... 30 chair chairs.. 30 chargers, 30 glasses, etc.

    This is the way you want to enter your figures in the the spreadsheet.